June 2017

The Other Thing Travel Blogs Didn’t Tell Me


I’m sitting on the edge of an infinity pool, beer in hand, watching the sunset over the Pacific. Steve taps his beer into mine, we give cheers to the path ahead. We had just landed in Costa Rica. We would stay there for two months while touring other parts of the country and some parts of [...]

The One Thing Travel Blogs Didn’t Tell Me


My alarm goes off. It takes everything I have to get myself out of bed. I drag myself unwillingly through my morning routine. I find myself questioning my current path on every single morning walk into the office. This isn’t some goal-driven exercise, it’s actually a question that haunts me. Most days I don’t want to [...]

April 2017

I Quit My Engineering Career To Travel


“That sounds terrifying.” I couldn’t help but smile as the words fell out. This was coming from the main manager of my group, a man that I respect, as I was handing him my letter of resignation. He had just asked me what my future plans would entail. His shock mimicked the reactions of others. Some [...]