Travel Costs in Nicaragua

Backpackers know Nicaragua as one of the cheapest countries in Central America. Volcanic landscapes, stunning beaches, and colonial architecture are among the many draws to travelers. The past couple of decades are marked by peace after years of political turbulence, making this still a relatively unknown country to visit. Travel costs, which are currently low, seem to be rapidly changing as more people appreciate all that Nicaragua has to offer.

My Budget

The costs below outlined what I paid throughout my time in Nicaragua. I consider myself mid-range budget, or a bit high-end for a backpacker. I stayed relatively frugal but I did not skip activities or excursions (except diving, Steve actually did that). Even though I love to cook, I opted out of making my own food so that I could fully enjoy the local cuisine options.

Prices are given in Nicaragua Córdoba (C$) and US Dollar ($).

Hostel (private double) C$865 / $29
Hostel (shared dorm) C$330 / $11
Meal (comida típica) C$75 to C$175 / $2.50 to $6
Meal (gringo food) C$175 to C$350 / $6 to $12
Bottled Water (1 liter) C$12 / $0.40
Eskimo Ice Cream (double scoop) C$30 / $1
Flor de Caña 7 year (1 liter) C$350 / $12
Toña or Victoria (1 liter) C$55 / $1.85
2×1 Macuás or Mojitos C$60 / $2
Souvenir Tank Top C$135 / $4.50
Sunday Funday Total (San Juan del Sur) C$1610 / $54
Masaya Volcano Tour (Granada) C$600 / $204
Pedicure at Pelican Eyes Resort (San Juan del Sur) C$745 / $25
La Bella del Mar Barge Tour (Granada) C$450 / $15
2-Tank Scuba Dive (Laguna de Apoyo) C$2090 / $70
Average Cost per Day C$1480 / $49.65

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