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About the Hustle

I’m Katie and my Hustle is a location independent lifestyle.

What does that mean exactly?

I use old and new skills to order support myself from anywhere in the world.

  • I’m an aerospace engineer.
  • I’m a landlord.
  • I’m training to become a freelance scuba divemaster.
  • I’m teaching myself the basics of online marketing.
  • I want to learn more about travel planning.

You’re just as likely to find me snuggling with my dog in Connecticut as you are to see me scuba diving in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

She’s much more photogenic than me.

More about my Hustle

I’m a headstrong 25-year-old that originally hails from Connecticut. I graduated from college in Massachusetts and completed a whopping 4-year-long aerospace engineering career. Turns out that the 8-5 cubicle life didn’t suit me all that well.

In 2017, I made the decision to leave my job in order to start my training as a scuba instructor.

I’m only a few months into my journey, but it has already been one full of unexpected, yet wildly fulfilling, experiences and life lessons.

If you’re reading this page now, you are joining me at the beginning of my adventure.

And you want to be a part of this ride.

I got a tattoo on the road. I had an allergic reaction the required a hospital visit in Nicaragua. I committed to doing an unplanned two-month stint in Mexico. And this was all within the first month!

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