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2405, 2017

I Went to a Hospital in Nicaragua

We were walking home after a busy day at the shop. My friend, an experienced diving instructor who had done prior work in landscaping, gave us an impromptu tour of the surrounding flowers and trees. One of these included a cashew tree, something I had never seen before in person. He separated a raw cashew shell from the fruit and [...]

2105, 2017

Granada, Nicaragua Travel Guide

San Juan del Sur did a great job captivating my heart. So well, in fact, that I felt a little bad for Granada and the reputation that preceded it. But the city had potential, from expertly preserved colonial architecture to refined eateries that expanded beyond the typical dishes of gallo pinto. About Granada Historically, Granada was the first European city to [...]

605, 2017

Travel Costs in Nicaragua

Backpackers know Nicaragua as one of the cheapest countries in Central America. Volcanic landscapes, stunning beaches, and colonial architecture are among the many draws to travelers. The past couple of decades are marked by peace after years of political turbulence, making this still a relatively unknown country to visit. Travel costs, which are currently low, seem to be rapidly [...]

305, 2017

Sunday Funday in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I was trying to take a nap but my body wasn’t having it. Work at the scuba shop had me accustomed to waking up at 5:00 AM and getting to bed by 9:00 PM. That early bedtime wasn’t going to fly for Sunday Funday. With the nap not panning out as planned, I decided to embrace my inner energizer bunny. Day [...]